Placing due emphasis on adequate training for security duties, personnel recruited to our company are inculcated with a thorough service training irrespective of their former military ranks. Instructions imparted are both theoretical and practical, comprehensively covering all aspects of private and other security related situations encountered at the ground level. Regular instructional classes and on the job training are held, which enables the rectification of any shortcomings whilst on duty.

These sessions are utilized to brief the personnel on current security situations and the laws relevant to security duties, such as right of self- defence, citizens’ arrest, methods of filing charges under the penal code etc. Use of security related equipment is explained and demonstrated. Practice sessions on fire-fighting are regularly conducted. Bomb disposal and evacuation procedures are explained. Further, brain storming sessions on improvement of commercial and industrial security procedures are held.

Other than this a Training Manager will frequently visit to respective duty points to make the security officers aware on the job training The services of experts in specialized fields are utilized to co-coordinate these sessions. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of DISCIPLINE, loyalty and sustained integrity of all participants, which is handled by qualified instructors with sound military background. Our certified expatriate and local instructors are constantly developing our training curriculum, making sure the training given to our security personnel meets national and international standards.


Manager Training

Ex MCPO HMA Wijayarathne, RSP, SLN